7th Local Platform Workshop in Ward 21, Lalitpur

An Earthquake Scenario Development Workshop was held on September 9, 2017 in Ward 21 of Lalitpur Metropolitan City. The participants were mostly local youths, with a few school students and some persons with disabilities. The program started with a short lecture on volunteering and on the roles and responsibilities of volunteers before, during, and after an earthquake. There was a sharing of experience of the 2015 earthquake among the participants. The participants were then asked to write the impact of the earthquake on different aspects: search and rescue, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, debris management, reconstruction, etc. Also, the participants had to write about their experience during different time frames within the year. Not only experience but also possible solutions to problems were also discussed.  Lastly, the participants made an earthquake disaster scenario for an earthquake greater than the one they experienced in 2015 for different time frames within one year, with possible solutions for Ward 21. The workshop was facilitated by the National Society for Earthquake Technology – Nepal (NSET).

(Photos from NSET)

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