Image Scenario Workshop in Yangon

For the last workshop under the joint research on Disaster Education, Prof. Rajib Shaw organized an Image Scenario Workshop which was participated in by 21 teachers and 55 students from the two pilot wards of the GGS Project in Yangon. The workshop was held in the conference room of the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) Building inside the Hlaing University campus on August 14, 2017. In the workshop the teachers and students were divided into four groups and were asked to imagine a big earthquake and write an essay (both teachers and students) or make a drawing (students only) based on what they imagine would happen from the moment the earthquake hits the area up to three days (Group 1); from three days to one month (Group 2); from one month to six months (Group 3); and from six months to one year (Group 4). Two representatives from each of the four groups presented their essay or drawing. There was a general group discussion after the presentations.

Staff of MES, professors and graduate students of Yangon Technological University (YTU), and staff of SEEDS Asia facilitated the workshop. SEEDS Asia also provided a presentation to the teachers and students on natural and human-induced hazards through their Mobile Resource Knowledge Center (MKRC).

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